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The Joining, Part 3
by Ceridwyn2

Gabrielle made her way across the courtyard where a few Amazons were working on their chores. They looked up as they saw her approach and waved hello to them.

"Have any of you seen Tamara and Kairany?"

"They're in the Council Chambers talking with the Elders to prepare for their joining. They are waiting for you."

"Thank you, Megara," the bard responded to the young woman. It was taking a while, but gradually she was getting to know the names of each of the Amazons. Gabrielle headed towards the large sized hut used for the Chambers. They were moderately, yet quite beautifully designed to reflect the history of the Nation.

As Gabrielle walked into the room and took in her surroundings, she felt a sense of peace and pride. She hadn't been born an Amazon, but when Tereis had given her the rite of caste as an Amazon Princess three years ago, she took that seriously. And only a year later when the whole fiasco with Velaska threatened to destroy the Nation, Gabrielle stepped forward to claim the throne of the Nation. Though Ephiny was her Regent who ruled in her absence, these women were her responsibility. It was also her pleasure to return to the Amazons, particularly in a time of joyous celebration that takes place during a Joining Ceremony.

One of the Council elders noted Gabrielle's presence in the room , promptly stood in attention and the others followed. That was one thing Gabrielle didn't know if she'd get used to - Xena was the one to whom people usually stopped what they were doing to stand at attention.

"Queen Gabrielle, it's good to see you." Katrina was one of the oldest of the Council and though she could certainly out-fight most of the younger generation of women, she also loved the peace that the bard brought to the Nation. She clasped arms with the bard in a traditional warrior welcome, then hugged her.


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