Title: Seeking Comfort
Author: Ceridwyn2
Fandom Challenge: Yuletide Treasure 2008
Fandom: Fried Green Tomatoes

Seeking Comfort
By: J. Lynn Stapleton (aka Ceridwyn2)

Seeking Comfort Fandom: Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) Written for: Marie in the Yuletide 2008 Challenge by Ceridwyn2 This is one of my favourite books/films of all time. I watched it again as I was writing. I hope you enjoy the story.

The first time that Idgie Threadegood went over to Valdosta, Georgia, after Ruth got married, was the day her heart broke and the day she swore she'd protect Ruth Jamison for as long as she lived. She'd only gone over as a favour to her Momma, to deliver a pie. At least that's what she had told herself. Truth was, she missed Ruth something terrible. She missed Ruth's quiet nature but she also missed Ruth being able to stand up to her and tell her she was being crazy. Like the time she got that honey from the tree with all those bees. But all of that didn't matter the day she arrived with that pie.

A couple years had passed, some things had changed, and other things hadn't. They'd both grown up a little. But as soon as Idgie saw Ruth sporting a nice big shiner on her right eye and cheek, Idgie was fit to be tied and aching for a fight to put things to right. No one hurt Ruth. Ever. Ruth was trying to do what she always did: tried to protect Idgie from getting into trouble. Idgie knew that this wasn't the time and place to take Ruth from her home, as much as she wanted to. So she did what she always had done; gone back to Whistle Stop, Alabama, to the River Club with Grady and the boys, playing' poker and drinking.

Some time later, a letter had arrived from Ruth. Her momma had passed away, and Ruth wanted to come home. She didn't directly write it so, but the meaning was such. Idgie didn't waste any time. She, her brother Julian and Big George headed over to Valdosta to bring Ruth home. To family that loved her. Idgie was determined, and spoiling for a fight with that son of a bitch, Frank Bennett, for daring to hit Ruth. And she got a brief chance to do so before he tossed her like a rag against the wall. But what really scared Idgie was that he'd kicked Ruth down half a flight of stairs and she was pregnant. The sooner they got Ruth out of that house, the better for all.

After Ruth had her baby, Idgie's papa had borrowed some money so that she and Ruth could open a café to support themselves and Buddy Junior. Idgie and Ruth being who they were, served all people; white folk and coloured folk, rich or poor. So long as they were hungry and enjoyed good food. And that made some folks uneasy, this being the south and all. But Idgie and Ruth didn't care. Even threats and an attack from the Ku Klux Klan against Big George didn't deter them. In fact, it only made them more determined to give everyone a chance.

Well, everyone except for Frank Bennett, that is. When he came into Ruth and Idgie's home to see his son and threaten Ruth, it rattled her. She almost didn't tell Idgie because she knew the younger woman would be pissed off and would probably do something that would get her into trouble with the law. But they were a family and she deserved to know.

One night Ruth stood in the window, staring out into the road. Little Buddy Junior was held snugly to her chest. If she thought too hard about what might have happened if Smokey Lonesome hadn't come in while Frank was there, she'd have gone mad she was sure. Ruth was almost reluctant to hand Buddy Junior over to Idgie. Not because Idgie would ever hurt him, Ruth knew that Idgie loved the boy as her own, but because she was still very unnerved. Even Idgie's protestations that Grady and the Alabama boys would take care of Frank Bennett and his Klan should they ever try to make trouble for them again did little to calm her. Ruth even managed to reluctantly make Idgie promise not to do anything stupid with regards to Frank. Though Idgie laughed it off slightly her eyes were honest and true. Before she left the room to go put their son to bed she placed a hand on Ruth's lower back and a kiss to the back of her neck.

A little while later, Ruth had heard a little singing coming from Buddy Junior's room and had gone to check it out. In the old wooden rocking chair Idgie sat, with their son curled up in her lap, and a blanket draped around both of them. Idgie's alto voice sang a low tune she'd remembered her mother and Sipsy Peavy sing to her as a young child. Ruth cherished these moments as it was only with their son that Idgie stayed still for any length of time. Several occasions Ruth had even caught Idgie curled up on their bed telling Buddy Junior all manner of tall tales, and pearls of wisdom that her older brother, Buddy, after whom their son was named, had told her.

As Idgie was finishing her song, she leaned in closer to the boy's ear. "Your momma and I love you so much. You never forget that." Idgie paused a moment, as she placed her son in the bed. "And I will love your momma until the day I die." Idgie looked up when she heard a slight gasp and saw Ruth standing and leaning against the doorframe. Idgie had never hid her feelings for Ruth. She'd loved her for a long time.

"And how long have you been standing there?" Idgie asked coyly as she tucked Buddy Junior in.

"A while. I heard you singing. You don't do that very often." Ruth moved so that she stood behind Idgie and placed her arms around the smaller woman. "He's so beautiful. I couldn't bear it if Frank took him away." "He won't."

"How can you be so sure? You didn't see him tonight."

"I'm as sure as I can ever be. He will never hurt you or our son again."

"Please, Idgie. Don't do something stupid. I couldn't stand if anything happened to you."

"You don't need to worry, Ruth."

"I always worry about you, Idgie." Ruth tightened her hold on her partner and whispered into her ear. "I love you, too." Ruth broke the embrace and lowered her hands down Idgie's arms to capture the other woman's hands in her own. She gently tugged on Idgie's hands. "Come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"Do you trust me?" Ruth asked, though she already knew the answer.

"With my life," Idgie spoke as she followed Ruth to their bedroom.

A phonograph in the corner was playing some gentle music as the two women entered. Ruth drew Idgie to her with one arm while she placed a hand on Idgie's cheek. "Dance with me." The two women held each other as they moved together, drawing small circles around one side of the room for long moments. As moments passed while they danced, their faces drew slightly apart then back together as their lips met in gentle kisses at first. Lips brushed back and forth as they grew in intensity. Idgie's hands came up to entangle in Ruth's dark hair.

"I want you." Idgie spoke as she rested her forehead against Ruth's as she attempted to regain her breath.

"Oh God," Ruth breathed out. "Come to bed with me." Ruth kissed her partner soundly, as her fingers wrapped around the cloth hair band that held Idgie's blonde hair back off her face.

"Yes." Idgie's hands tangled in the knot of Ruth's dress, as she struggled to lift the dress from Ruth's body in between kisses. When it was finally removed, Ruth sat back on the bed, pulling Idgie towards her. Her hands slid under the hem of Idgie's white shirt and pulled it off over her head, and then she laid kisses along her chest. The rest of the clothes soon followed as they lay back against the sheets, moving at an almost desperate pace, the passion increasing as they fell into a familiar rhythm. Bodies and souls blended through the night as each woman felt the need for reassurance, joy and love encompass them. When all was spent, Ruth curled up in Idgie's protective embrace and they fell into an exhausted slumber.

They would deal with the rest of the world when the dawn rose on a new day, but for the moment, they needed each other and the comfort the other provided willingly and lovingly. Idgie's heart was broke no more.