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Science Fiction & Fantasy Related Podcasts

Now, there are lots of sci-fi and fantasy podcasts out there. I've found several, but they are by no means the only ones out there. So, if you've got a favourite and they aren't listed, send an e-mail to the Webmistress.

These podcasts can be found using iTunes program, or you can use any number of podcatchers, such as: Doppler Podcaster, or HappyFish.

General Sci-Fi Discussion Podcasts
Two Girls & A Podcast - Not always about SF&F, but mostly
Slice of Sci-Fi - All kinds of scii-fi & fantasy news
The SadGeezers Guide to Cult Sci-Fi
Sci-Fi Channel UK
The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd - A little time travel podcast. Cute.
Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction - is a monthly half-hour television series about the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

Doctor Who & Torchwood
The Gallifreyan Embassy: Home of Doctor Who: Podshock
Doctor Who: Series Two - Commentaries from series 2
DWO WHO CAST - Doctor Who & Torchwood Weekly Podcast

Battlestar Galactica
BSG Commentaries - Podcast commentaries
Battlestar Galactica Sitrep - A situation report from the Colonial Fleet.
Galactica Watercooler

The 9th: A Heroes Podcast
The 10th Wonder: A Heroes Podcast
The Heroes Podcast with Jeremiah

Harry Potter

Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis
Stargate Podcasts
Stargate Fancasts

Babylon 5
The Babylon Podcast


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