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Science Fiction & Fantasy Groups & Other Interesting Tidbits of Information

Herein, I hope to build an archive list of science fiction & fantasy groups not only here in Canada, but also from around the world. If you'd like to inlcude your science fiction, fantasy, anime, gaming, SF/F costuming sites, favourite SF/F author sites, SF/F model-building sites, etc., send an e-mail to the Webmistress. I know there's lots of SF/F sites out there, but to make it more interesting, I'd like to see what your favourites are. Send me the link and a basic 10-25 word description (or key words) about the site, and the country of origin. Thanks much! :)

Canadian Sci-Fi Fan Groups
British Columbia Science Fiction Association
Ottawa Science Fiction Society
Maritime Science Fiction Modelers
MonSFFA: Montreal Science Science Fiction and Fantasy Association
Canadian Speculative Fiction Forum

Canadian Sci-Fi Authors
Karl Schroeder's Science Fiction - Author's Blog, bio, science news
Robert J. Sawyer - Novelist, Futurist, Keynote Speaker: Blog, book info & more
Fantastic Fiction: Tanya Huff - List of collections of her books. (if you find another TH site, more detailed, let me know).

International Sci-Fi Fan Groups
To Be Announced

International Sci-Fi Authors
Jane Lindskold - Author website
Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust
Laurell K. Hamilton - News & Information re: books. Also LKH Weblog
Mercedes Lackey Homepage
Welcome to the Tolkien Society


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