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Old News on Website Updates

I've decided that rather than clutter up the main page sites with updates, only current month stuff will be in the NEW section. And old updates will be archived here, should folks be interested in the progression of the site.

2009 Updates

** What's New ? ** (Added: 21st June, 2009)

** What's New ? ** (Added: 15th February, 2009)

  • Updated the Fast-Forward Newsletter, including President's Note, a new podcast (by Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction, a monthly video interview show in Washington, DC) and President's Picks Links.

2008 Updates

** What's New ? ** (Added: 11th December, 2008)

The End of an Era: The First Lady of Star Trek Passes Away
Though some of you may have seen this before, it is with saddness, that I pass on the news that Majel Barrett Roddenberry passed away in her sleep on 18th December 2008, after a lengthy illness with leukemia. Majel has performed in numerous incarnations of Star Trek, from the original series (Nurse Chapel, through to Star Trek: New Voyages (computer vo). She has been the voice of the U.S.S. Enterprise (each of them), U.S.S. Voyager, and Deep Space 9 computers.

Her run as Lwaxana Troi, was always a joy to watch. She will be well missed. My first and only interaction with Ms Barrett Roddenberry was at the first Maritime Science Fiction Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1997 (I believe). She was so curteous and personable. Generous and very likeable. A real joy to listen to. I remember at the time, I had a hand drawn portrait picture I had done of Marina Sirtis, whom Majel had mentioned in several of her talks (both scheduled and in general chat) was like a daughter to her (more than just the fact that she'd portrayed her mother onscreen). So I had given her [Majel] a copy of the original drawing. Without expecting anything in return. Several weeks after the convention, I got a beautiful hand-written letter back from Majel, along with the picture of Marina I'd drawn (autographed by Marina). So I, in return, sent the original drawing to Majel, with a note for her to keep this one. :) I also still have my Majel autographed copy of Peter David's Q-In-Law audiobook that she did with John DeLancie. An absolute riot of a book to begin with. To have these two narrate the book is genius.

If any of you who have met Majel Roddenberry and would like to send on a note of your experience, and/or if you have any favourite scene with Majel as Lwaxana Troi, send it along, and I'll post it. I didn't get any pictures of me with Majel, but here are a couple that I took at MarFest that year. I don't remember the name of the woman in the gargoyle costume, but she did a darned good job of it.

For more details about Majel Roddenberry's work and her passing, go to Roddenberry.com. On 5th December, we had our annual Christmas/Winter Solstice Party up at the Wandlyn Inn. Several of us went down to use the pool & hot tub facilities until a bunch of loud and unruly folks in their late teens came in jumping into the pool and hot tub at different intervals. So we left and headed back to the room. That, fortunately was the only downside (aside from the few members that couldn't attend for one reason or another). In one room, some folks gathered to watch a Doctor Who episode, while in another (the one I was in), some folks watched the latest Indiana Jones film, and others played Munchkin Booty, which seemed hilariously funny at times. I was an observer for much of that, but was fun to watch. Perhaps next time I'll play :) We also had our gift exchange, which went off quite well, despite our usual Gift Exchange Leader was unable to attend for health reasons. We missed your organizational skills :)

So, now we're off until the new year. There will be an unofficial club function at the President's place on New Year's Eve. I will be sending out a notice this week to our Communications Liaison to email to you all, with the details.

** What's New ? ** (Added: 7th October, 2008)

  • Updated the Fast-Forward Newsletter, including President's Note, a book review, and President's Picks Links.
  • I've also created an RSS subscription feed as another way to inform people about updates to the newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter feed, click on the icon:

** What's New ? ** (Added: 5th July, 2008)

  • Updated the Fast-Forward Newsletter. Most recent are updates on the Fanvidding 101 column and a Press Release from Anticipation: The 67th World Science Fiction Convention 2009 in Montreal.
** What's New ? ** (Added: 19th May, 2008)

  • Donated to the FSFS Library: The three omnibus editions including the five books of Tanya Huff's 'Blood' series plus the short story compendium of Vicky Nelson & Henry Fitzroy in Blood Bank (included in the third book of the omnibus edition).

** What's New ? ** (Added: 15th May, 2008)

  • Fast-Forward - Updates on main page and in Member Recommendations, Movie & DVD News. I also added a new section available through the Member Recommendations section to old recommendations in case folks are interested in seeing other things we've looked at and wanted to share. May's contributions include favourite online role-playing video games, favourite alternate history books, favourite websites, and music recommendations. Yes, there's a high portion of it that's 'Battlestar Galactica' content in there, but that's what you get when it's left up to me: My Current Obsessions Interests.

** What's New ? ** (Added: 19th April, 2008)

** What's New ? ** (Added: 20th March, 2008)

  • I've decided to put up the Agendas for the next meetings in advance, so folks can take a look and let me know if there's something to be added to the list. The minutes of the meeting will not be posted to the website but will be made available upon request to paid members.

** What's New ? ** (Added: 25th February, 2008)

  • Fast-Forward - Well, I've been a very busy girl this weekend in overhauling the Fast-Forward section of the FSFS site. A new look. More stuff, new sections (front page, movie news & dvd releases, book reviews, member recommendations, booklist and some other stuff). Check it out! I'm quite willing to set up a page for members sf/f related artwork (well, links to the artwork, since I don't have the space to archive the artwork on this server).

** What's New ? ** (Added: 21st February, 2008)

  • Fast-Forward - updated with a new 'Note from the President', Tanya Huff Blood series book news, new show information. We're always looking for more contributions! We are open to new submissions of book reviews, movie reviews, tv show reviews, etc., original fiction, fanfiction, poetry, science news & information, sci-fi/fantasy/anime, etc. news & information, artwork, and more. If it fits in the genre, I'll take what I can fit in. (which at the moment, is plenty of space :)
** What's New ? ** (Added: 24th January, 2008)

  • Facebook - Back in the fall (of 2007) we created a Facebook site for the Fredericton Science Fiction Society. I've just gotten round to adding a link to it in the linkbar above.
  • Communicon Gaming Convention is this weekend at Gillin Hall, Room C122, University of New Brunswick (Fredericton Campus). Come join in the fun. Admittance is just $3. There be games and more!
** What's New ? ** (Added: 10th January, 2008)

  • New Colour Layout - During the January 08 Business Meeting it was suggested that we try a new colour layout as the black background with bright text made for some difficult viewing. So I'm trying this out for size. If you could let me know, I'd appreciate it. :)
  • Communicon 2008: Dates for this Gaming Festival were: 26th-27th January 2008. Come join in the fun with live action role playing (LARP) games, board games and other fun stuff. Games offered: Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering (Sealed Deck & Type II), Warhammer Fantasy, Legend of the Five Rings, D&D Minis, Dreamblade, Settlers of Catan, Axis & Allies, Munchkin, and more.

2007 Updates

** What's New ? ** (Added: 11th October, 2007)

  • Communicon 2008: Poster Now Available. Dates for this Gaming Festival are: 26th-27th January 2008.

  • Science Fiction, Fantasy and Related Convention Listings: I'm working at maintaining a list of Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror/etc. conventions. If you know of any that I haven't included, send on the link and/or description of the con. Info needed: whether it's a Canadian convention or International and whether it is a Media and/or Author conventions (Commercial or Fandom run). - Convention Listings

    ** What's New ? ** (Added: 14 March, 2007)

    Some exciting news for Tanya Huff fans!
  • Her Blood series novels are being made into a television series, called Blood Ties. In Canada, CHUM will be airing them this fall. Currently Lifetime (the US Partner) is airing the show Sunday evenings at 10pm EDT. The first season of 22 episodes will be set between the first and second novels. Tanya is currently keeping updates in her LiveJournal, as well as writing a blog on the Lifetime site, Blood Tales: Behind the Scenes with Tanya Huff. From that site you can follow the links about what the show is about (for those unfamiliar with this series), the cast & crew, etc.

  • I've added an Old News Section, that will include website updates older than the present month, both for design purposes and simplicity sake, hopefully to make things flow smoother.

    ** What's New ? ** (Added: 09 March, 2007)

  • Fredericton Fanboard: Created by our one of our artists, Monique MacNaughton, on behalf of the FSFS to provide another aspect of communication for the greater Fredericton Science Fiction Community. For a quick reference link, there's a direct link from the Links Toolbar. Fredericton Fanboard

  • Science Fiction, Fantasy and Related Convention Listings: I'm working at maintaining a list of Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror/etc. conventions. If you know of any that I haven't included, send on the link and/or description of the con. Info needed: whether it's a Canadian convention or International and whether it is a Media and/or Author conventions (Commercial or Fandom run). - Convention Listings
    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 19 February, 2007)
    Fanfic Section:
    Added two stories completed in December 2006 as part of fanfiction challenges. "Losses" is a Witchblade story about the losses that Sara Pezzini has faced. "Finding One's Way" is a Wire in the Blood story based on Val McDermid's series (set post-The Torment of Others), "A Retreat of Truths" is a Spooks story set post ep 505, but Ruth is still present.

  • Bad Girls: Updated the links on the fanvids. Majority of the vids are located at Ralst's Passion & Perfection site. Thank you muchly. :) I've also provided YouTube links to the fanvids.
    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 09 February, 2007)
  • Coming Soon: A Forum for the FSFS. Will Post Information as soon as it's up and running. One of our artists in residents will be moderating the forum.

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 22 January 2007)
  • Just Recently: Communicon Gaming & Sci-Fi Festival was held 27th & 28th January 2007, at the University of New Brunswick, Head Hall (Engineering building) - 540 Windsor St., Fredericton, NB. Plenty of Live Action Role Playing, Collectable Card Games, Strategy Games. Also movies, Art Show & Auction, Short Story Contest, and a display of Maritime Modelers. Come out and Enjoy the fun. Admission $2.00. For a more detailed schedule of events (which is fluid, at the moment), check the Schedule
  • 22nd November 2006: Links to other science fiction & fantasy groups in Canada & International. ** If you know of any, please submit the address and site description to the webmistress. (note: this may take a day or so to compile some of the links, so bear with me. :) )
  • Freddy Words - This is a recent project started to promote a writers group. It's primarily sci-fi & fantasy based. New members quite welcome.
  • Communicon - Information on this is also on the Gaming link, but due to request, I've included a direct link in the Links Menu above.
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy (& Related) Podcasts: Given the number of folks with iPods or other mp3 players, There are several science fiction & fantasy related podcasts out there, so I've gathered some for folks to check out. Check out the links menu above for link to the podcasts.

Other Science Fiction & Fantasy Links
British Columbia Science Fiction Association

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 15th October, 2006)
  • Bad Girls - Added the first fanfiction story in this fandom that I wrote to the Bad Girls Section. This story was part of the Fragments of Sappho Challenge-A-Thon, in which requests were submitted for various fandoms and pairings, and then folks could claim the requests and write a story. There were prompts to set your story around, and then you were given a fragment of a Sappho poem in which to incorporate indirectly into your story. This was my contribution to the challenge.

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 13th September, 2006)
  • Bad Girls - Added a new fanvideo - or rather a link notice to the vid, "My Skin" - focused on Pat/Sheena , has been added to the Bad Girls section.
  • Index Link Frame - Added link to the Fredericton Science Fiction Society in the link frame above. I've been a part of this group for the past twelve years. Currently I'm also the web designer for the site, so any comments/questions etc., just drop me a line at the contact link above.
    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 23rd July, 2006)
  • Bad Girls: A new video, entitled, "One Moment" has been added to the Bad Girls section. Inspired by Hannah Waddingham's performance in Bad Girls - The Musical in Leeds, UK this past spring (May 27-July 1).

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 13th May, 2006)
  • Website was temporarily down for a week til I got the payments fixed. There's a couple changes in layout, but not by much. I wanted to get a lot of this stuff in order before I go away so I can upload trip pictures to the site.

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 24th April, 2006)
  • Bad Girls - Due to not being able to put up files larger than 10MB each, I've had to convert the BG fanvids to XviD AVI format.
  • ER - Vid below. Again, having to only have files under 10MB I've kept up the small avi file. If you want the larger files, just send me a note and I'll put them up on You Send It, or some such file sharing. Or via MSN.
  • UK Trip - Heading over across the pond next month for 2 1/2 weeks. Will be putting up pictures of my trip as I go (taking camera & laptop with me). Will be posting notices of such up on My LiveJournal, so keep an eye out. :)

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 07 January, 2006)
  • Bad Girls - Added a newish Bad Girls fan video. Located here.

2005 Updates

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 31st December, 2005)
  • ER Fanvid. Here for right now, as I haven't got any other section to put it into at the moment. This was actually done a few months ago. I had uploaded to the server but not made a direct link to it. It had been linked to through the LiveJournal Vidding Community as well as my own Live Journal account back in the fall. This ER vid is primarily centred around Kerry Weaver and Susan Lewis, though also has more footage of other female ER staff. The music "From Where I Am" is by Enya. Hope you like it. :) - moved to Fan Videos Section

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 28th December, 2005)
  • Ceri's Bad Girl's Collection
    - I've put up a new Nikki/Helen Fan-Video. Enjoy!
  • Various & Sundry Photographs
    - In an effort to make room for the aforementioned fanvids, I had to take some stuff off the server. So the older photographs of my trip home a couple years ago, as well as the ones of the local flood back in April I have removed.

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 23rd September, 2005)
  • Ceri's Bad Girl's Collection
    Removed the larger and smaller versions of the fanvids, in order to conserve the server space. I WILL be leaving the middle-sized (mpg) copies of the fanvids there. I will also hopefully be increasing the server space, so will likely put them up again

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 30th June, 2005)
  • Fan Fiction Images: Added three images to my ER stories, Insurrection and Night of Surrender & Strength. Actually two to the former, and one to the latter. The two picture images were put together by Aria, and used with her permission here.

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 17th June, 2005)
  • Fan Fiction: Updated the Fan Fiction section with a couple of my ER stories, which I wrote a few years ago. "Night of Surrender & Strength" is a seventh series set story, and "Insurrection: The Other Side" is story set in the eighth series. Both are somewhat episode based. Stories here

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 11th June, 2005)
  • Pet Pictures: I've added pictures of the animals in the house - a cat and two dogs. Just because they're cute & cuddly. And occasionally showing off.

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 10th June, 2005)
  • Fan Video.
    I've added a new Bad Girls fan video that I've just completed. It's called "I Know". Located in the Bad Girls section. The singer/songwriter, whose music is used for the vid, is a friend of mine
  • BG Links.
    I've added some new links in the Bad Girls section.

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 2nd June, 2005)
  • Photographs: I have updated the photographs section to include some sunset pictures and photos of the 2005 flood in and around the Fredericton downtown. I've also fixed a few broken links.
  • Fonts.To view a couple of the fonts in the Celtic typeface of headers that are on the index page, I've included the CelticMD TrueType font for your usage/interest.
    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 1st June, 2005)
  • Navigational Tools: I decided to re-arrange the outlook of the front page here, with links to the subpages - see table above. Played around a bit with the tables section of the Amiasoft SiteAid program til I found something I was happy with. The front page will just have notices of what's new and stuff, with links to various things. So, let me know what you think. If it's easier to navigate or worse. :)

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 27th May, 2005)
  • Academic Article.: I will be putting up various articles or papers up that I've written for school/journals that folks might find of interest. These ARE NOT to be taken and distributed for plagueristic purposes. These took considerable research and time to write, and may not be copied under any circumstances - Academic article

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: 19th May, 2005)
  • Fanfic Index: New story added in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer section, called "Full of Grace." It's a story I originally wrote several years ago for a fanzine I published. First time in online format. Fanfic Index.

    ** What's Older ? ** (Added: , 2005)
  • Bad Girls Section: This section was actually added first before my index page was finished, because I had some stuff that I wanted some folks to see the project that I'd been working on. Bad Girls