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FSFS Membership - Why Join?

Annual Membership Dues: $10 Cdn

For most of the events do not need a membership to join in on the fun. We don't charge you to visit the gatherings, anime or other events.

One event which does cost is the Christmas party, which is members only. If you do wish to attend, the cost is $10 (which essentially buys you the membership for the club, by the way). Club dues are used to fund events and pay for other necessities of the club. The more people who pay dues means the more events we can hold. The dues are generally paid during the October Business Meeting, though one can pay up to and including at the Christmas Party.

The Membership runs from October until the following September. The Executive elections shall be held at the first monthly General Meeting of the new operating year [October]. A candidate for any elected Executive position must have a minimum of two [2] nominations. The election of officers to the positions of the Executive will be decided by a majority vote of the assembled members constituting a Quorum at the General Meeting.

We have had in the past a Club Newsletter, which was included in the cost of membership. This service comes and goes as members who have the time and submissions to include. If you are interested in participating resurrecting the Newsletter, let us know. We would gratefully accept submissions of science fiction & fantasy, anime, gaming genres (stories, news, tidbits of information, convention news, etc.).

The FSFS also helps in the volunteering at Communicon, which is a local gaming convention held the last weekend in January. Though it is a separate entity from the FSFS, it is run by two of the club members and many of the club participate in one facet or another.


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