"I Know"
Nasnan Noqtok

When days are riddled with unspoken pain
Sometimes I think I'll never laugh again
And though I know I'll make it through somehow
I only want someone to hold me now


Singin' "It's all right, baby
Gonna rock you through the night, baby
Life can be a fight, baby
So just let it go

The truth is hard to find sometimes
Gotta leave it all behind sometimes
You need some peace of mind sometimes
So just let it go
I know
I know"

I'm pretty sure that such undying love
Could only come from angels high above
Life will go on 'cause that's my only choice
But still I hunger for that soft sweet voice


Today the questions are so much to take
I feel so twisted but I just can't break
Odd that I wish I could
Strange that I think it might feel good

I know I'm not the only one who weeps
Who dreams of darkness while she sleeps
And if this silent longing haunts you too
I'll sing this song of solace for you