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Fredericton Science Fiction Society (FSFS)

Site Updated: 23th September, 2010
Next Meeting: 24th October 2010

Welcome to the Fredericton Science Fiction Society. The next official meeting is scheduled for Sunday, 24th October 2010 at The University of New Brunswick, Student Union Building (SUB) Blue Room (behind the store on main level). Socializing starts at 1:30pm with the official meeting starting at 2pm.

Please let all your friends know and see if we can get some new members for the new year. For all the Friends of the club, feel free to come and socialize. Visit our Website @ Fredericton Science Fiction Society, and also our Facebook page.

The Fredericton Science Fiction Society web site has been paid up to date until May 2011.

The Fast-Forward newsletter has been updated with a blog post about independent web television shows.

FSFS SciFi Bookclub: The next book club meeting will be on Friday, April 30th at 8 PM. This time, we won't have a specific book; it will be a "Bring Your Own Book" event - select a book you like (and which is still in publication) and tell the others why you like it.

For those interested, I've created a Twitter account for the FSFS: Fred_Sci-Fi_Society. It will be for quick notices and updates.

Tanya Huff gets on the Globe & Mail Best Sellers List: On 20th June, 2009, Tanya Huff got on the Canadian Fiction Bestsellers's List, for her book, "Valor's Trial". See Tanya's LiveJournal Post or Robert J. Sawyer's Blog post about it.

Be sure to check out the website or the Fredericton Fandom Board for more information and events through the year. Check out the Agenda for the next meeting.

Old News

Who Are We?

The Fredericton Science Fiction Society (FSFS) is an officially recognised student club of the University of New Brunswick. Our membership consists of students of UNB, STU, (alumni of both), faculty, and other sentient beings in Fredericton's general locality.

What We Do

The FSFS meets to discuss all aspects of science fiction, fantasy, anime, and any other related genre. Our primary activities are our meetings (monthly) and gatherings (weekly) - see Club Activities & Events for further information. The main difference between the two is that we try to get some official business done at meetings before we start talking about other things.

History & Goals of the FSFS

The FSFS started many, many years ago here in Fredericton (late 1970s). For some time there was also a Star Trek group called The USS Hawking. As the members became interested in many other genres within the SF/F umbrella it became necessary to reflect that in the title of The Fredericton Science Fiction Society While the formats have broadened to include not only science fiction, but also fantasy, anime, role-playing games, etc, it was decided to leave the title as it was. FSFS is a club where strange people are the norm, and all you need is a love of the genre. Our particular definition of "the genre" is rather elastic and inclusive. Frankly FSFS was just easier to remember. :)

    Club Interests

  • Film: Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Men, The Last Unicorn, The Princess Bride, War Games, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth
  • Television: Forever Knight, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Farscape, Xena, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Battlestar Galactica, Deadwood, Smallville, Supermarionation (CGI hypermarionation), and much more.
  • Book Authors: Isaac Asimov, Lois McMaster Bujold, Peter David, Susan Dexter, Diane Duane, David Eddings, P.N. Elrod, Susan Garrett, Laurel K. Hamilton, Robert A. Heinlein, Tanya Huff, Barbara Hambly, Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee, Jane Lindskold, Elizabeth Moon, Charles de Lint, Spider Robinson, Robert J. Sawyer and Sean Stewart .

Whatever your likes and dislikes, the FSFS will be there for interested folks. The only goal the club has is to get together, have a fantastic time, and share our thoughts and experiences (and video tapes & discs) with each other. Check us out!

Site Opened: 12th June, 2006

This website was created by J. Lynn Stapleton. Contact the webmistress about any comments, suggestions, news and information. The FSFS Logo was created by resident artist, Monique ReneƩ MacNaughton.

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