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Vidder's Note
Updated: 1st December 2009

Having worked with this format over on the online newsletter Fast-Forward for the past several months, I decided on gradually transforming that format over to my main site. As with the fanfiction on this site, some of my fan videos are hosted at other sites, with permission. However, unless you've received written permission from me to archive it anywhere else, DON'T. Bad ettiquette all around.

However, if you want to link to a particular vid, PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK THE VIDS, link them instead to this URL and they can find it that way. Just ask first, please. If you happen to see my videos uploaded online and it's NOT under the name Ceridwyn2, please let me know.

Bad Girls
My Bad Girls fanvids are over here.

Battlestar Galactica
  • Recessional - This vid marked my first contribution to VividCon's Premieres. It made it into the Also Premiering section of the con (for non-attending members). And it was with this video that I switched over from working with Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker to Sony's Vegas Movie Studio 8. I found the transitions smoother. If you're interested, I've been working on a fanvidding tutorial using both systems here. Onward with the show. :)
    Streaming version on YouTube
    Recessional @ MediaFire

  • Frostbite - this is the first foray into my BSG fan videos. The song is by the Cape Breton, NS group, The Barra MacNeils. I loved the quick pace to it and felt it fit perfectly for BSG battle scenes. I was pleased with the timing of the clips to the music.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    Frostbite @ MediaFire

  • Prospero's Speech - I was listening to Loreena McKennitt's rendition of this William Shakespeare poem from "The Tempest", and thought it perfectly fit Laura Roslin, especially in the early parts of the series, leading up to and after her near death from cancer, the politics, and her growing relationship with Admiral Adama.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    Prospero's Speech @ MediaFire

  • Beauty and the Beast
    Never Ending Road - This was my first (and so far only) foray into vidding Beauty and the Beast, though I hope to rectify that at some point. A lovely song by Loreena McKennitt so fit with the atmosphere and mood of the show. :) >
    Streaming version on YouTube
    NeverEnding Road @ MediaFire
    From Where I Am - This ER vid is primarily centred around Kerry Weaver and Susan Lewis, though also has more footage of other female ER staff. The music "From Where I Am" is by Enya.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    From Where I Am @ Celtic-Dragon
    Harry's Game - - Clannad's "Harry's Game" is very haunting yet beautiful. I found it fit very well with the character of Harry Pearce. This vid while focusing more on Harry, also sheds some light on his relationship with Ruth and the others of the team.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    Harry's Game @ MediaFire
    Guiding Light
    Ode To A Friend - This Jann Arden song has been one of my favourites for years, and I found it suited the characters of Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera so much. Though they initally started out really disliking each other, there was definitely a spark of something. Then after Gus's death and Olivia's heart transplant, there was still some animosity but despite themselves they grew to depend on each other, and built a friendship. A friendship that was beautiful.
    Streaming Version on YouTube
    Ode To A Friend @ MediaFire
    Xena: Warrior Princess
    Into The West - This is one of my newest fanvids that was made for the Femslash Advent Calendar: The Dog Days of Summer 2007 project. It's from Xena: Warrior Princess and the song, "Into the West" is sung by Annie Lennox. Available off-site.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    Large (65MB) zip file hosted by Shatterpath Productions - this is a link to the entry post
    Mid-sized (27MB) file hosted by Passion & Perfection - it's the last vid on the page.
    These vids are not hotlinked, rather the links are to the hostess's websites and not to the specific files. Especially as they are being gracious enough to host them for me.
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