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Book Reviews
This is a new section for members to post book reviews of any science fiction/fantasy/anime/gaming genre.

We welcome lots of input
The President & Designer.

Andrew Crisp
  • Galaxion - Tara Tallan (on-line web graphic novel)
  • Lynn Stapleton
  • Sagittarius Is Bleeding - Peter David (TOR Science Fiction)
  • Vivian Unger
  • Heavy Load (A Laundromance) by Biff Mitchell (Jacobyte Books)
  • As Fate Decrees - Denysť Bridger (EDGE)
  • Divergence - Tony Ballantyne (Bantam Spectra)
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    This website was created by J. Lynn Stapleton. Contact the webmistress about any comments, suggestions, news and information. The FSFS Logo was created by resident artist, Monique Reneť MacNaughton.