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Author's Note
Updated: 28th September 2008

On this page, you will find some fanfiction, and video archives that I've compiled - some with assistance from others, fanvids, links to fanfiction, actress websites, and various other things Bad Girls related.

The following vid files are currently also located over at Ralst's Passion & Perfection site. I was having some difficulty hosting them on my site as the files were over the 10MB limit/ each file size. Thank you muchly, Rach. Thus as the links are provided here, Please do not stream the videos from this site. I've also uploaded them to my own MediaFire account to download them if you want. If you do want to stream the video, I've provided a YouTube link for each of the vids.

I've gone through and removed a bunch of non-functioning links that were on the older version of this section.

Fan Fiction
Freedom: This story was part of the Fragments of Sappho Challenge-A-Thon, in which requests were submitted for various fandoms and pairings, and then folks could claim the requests and write a story. There were prompts to set your story around, and then you were given a fragment of a Sappho poem in which to incorporate indirectly into your story. This was my contribution to the challenge.
  • Freedom.
  • Fan Videos
  • My Skin - This vid was borne out of a song and recent viewings of Series 7 Bad Girls DVDs. I really enjoy the character of Pat Kerrigan, who is featured primarily in thie vid. Due to space restrictions and the size of the file, it's being hosted off-site.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    My Skin @ MediaFire
    Song Lyrics here

  • One Moment - This is my newest created fanvid, which was borne out of listening to the Nikki Wade ballad (sung by Hannah Waddingham) from Bad Girls - The Musical, that I saw in Leeds back in June 2006. The music for the song was pretty gut-wrenchingly sad. And so over the past few days I've culled from the BG dvds the appropriate clips and went to work. Hope you enjoy the result.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    One Moment @ Mediafire
    Song Lyrics here

  • If You Could - Released from the The FemSlash Advent Calendar :: Dead of Winter 2005 Project, a Bad Girls fanvid, "If You Could." The Lyrcis are by Tara McLean.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    'If You Could' at Mediafire
    Song Lyrics, here

  • Baby, Can I Hold You Tonight? - Okay, so I've got a new vid up to view. I've had a song brewing in my brain for weeks now just begging to be made into a Nikki/Helen vid. So I capitulated to the muses and finally made it over the last week or so.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    'Baby Can I Hold You Tonight' at Celtic Dragon
    Song Lyrics here

  • My Immortal - this is the fourth Bad Girls vid I've done, and I got the idea while listening to an acoustic rendition of Evanesence's song "My Immortal", The song and lyrics will follow the vids, like the previous ones here. And believe it or not, it's not a Helen & Nikki vid. This one is about Denny & Shaz. There's a couple things that I might fix later on, should I get a better compilation program, but overall I'm happy. It was a little difficult to find some of the clips, because much of Denny & Shaz clips together they're playing around. This vid is more serious, suiting the lyrics. So, without further adieu.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    'My Immortal' at Mediafire
    Song Lyrics here

  • I Know - While this one is particularly Helen focused, it does have a lot of the Helen & Nikki relationship story incorporated in it. I hope you enjoy it. The song was written, performed and recorded by a friend of mine - Nasnan Noqtok. The song and lyrics are included below the vids.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    'I Know' at Mediafire
    Song Lyrics here

  • Hanging By A Thread - The following is my first Bad Girls vid project: A fan video dedicated to the character of Nikki Wade. When I first heard this song of Jann Arden's after watching Bad Girls, I thought it would be perfect for Nikki.
    Streaming version on YouTube
    'Hanging By A Thread' at Mediafire
    Song Lyrics here

  • 'Bring Me to Life' - This is NOT one of my vids. This is a fanvid that used to be hosted at the Head Bloody Prefect site, however, that site is now defunct. Apologies to the creators as I don't know who they are. The vid is called, "Bring Me To Life," and music is by Evanescence. This is one of my favourites just because of the style elements of the vid.
    'Bring Me To Life at Mediafire