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When I was in my third year of my Baccalaureate of Nursing degree, I took an Oncology Nursing course for which I had to write a major paper. I decided to do it on Cancer websites, the usage of, which ones had good information, were accredited, etc. I got an A+. The two faculty we had teaching the course had specialties in cancer nursing, and thus recommended it for journal publication. The assist. dean provided me with the journal editor. I contacted her and submitted the article for publication, after a little more editing. It was published in the Spring/Summer 2001 issue of Canadian Oncology Nursing Journa: At the time of the course, the Region III Hospital Corporation's Oncology Dept. also selected to produce a pamphlet based on my work - which I compiled for the dept, with the direction of Kim Chapman, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Oncology. It is currently available in English and French. If I can find a copy (in one of my storage containers), or by going up to the hospital) I will try to scan it in as well for your perusal. I do hope it is of some use.

A Comprehensive Review of Selected Cancer Websites. (pdf format).