"One Moment"
Lyrics by: Kath Gotts
Sung by: Hannah Waddingham

One choice, one price
What else could I do?
How could I live and let it be?
Two wrongs, one right
And either way, a price to pay
It all comes back to me

One moment, you face the world together
Riding high, days go by
Lost without a care
One last moment of holding on together
As all the dreams you share
Melt into air

And life plays on beyond those gates
Where freedom comes but no one waits
There where my life used to be
There's nothing but a fantasy
All that I have left of me is gone
All gone, long gone

I won't regret, I don't regret
There's nothing more that I can say
I'll pay my debt, and let them throw my life away

One moment your future's gone forever
Bridges burned, a corner turned
You walk the line alone
One moment, what's done is done forever
When all the birds have flown
You're on your own
I'm on my own
I'm on my own.