Welcome To The Celtic Dragon's Lair

The redesign of this website has been a long time in coming. Due to some changes, my blog, Celtic-Dragon's Blog is now being hosted off-site as I continue to migrate and edit files. Fortunately, while I seem to unable to access my more recent blog posts (past 2009), in particular interviews that I've done, I fortunately have the interviews saved in other spots, and commentary posts were sometimes cross-posted to my LiveJournal, so I could retrieve them as well. This is going to be a continuous project as I work through removing dead links and files that are no longer relevant.

Some old things have been moved around or just deleted as they hadn't been accessed in quite some time, in particular the fan-videos I'd made. Those are available on my YouTube channel.

My fan-fiction will continue to be located here but will also be undergoing some changes.

The Otalia Virtual Season will remain a part of this site, and I'm still going to try and get all of the OVS episodes converted to ePub files for ebook readers.

Stay tuned for the changes.

Site updated: 15 January 2014